Payment of guaranteed deposits for IBM Bank will start tomorrow, 28.01.2019.

The Deposit Protection Fund (FZD) will start tomorrow 10 am the payment of guaranteed deposits to depositors of Invest Bank Montenegro (IBM).

The depositors of that financial institution, which has been bankrupt since January 4, will raise their money through Societe Generale, Hipotekarna and NLB. The Deposit Protection Fund is obliged to pay EUR 22.58 million to 2,730 depositors, of whom 2,340 are physical persons.

“Depositors need to come with IDs at the counter and, upon identification, can withdraw their guaranteed deposit in cash, leave it at that bank or transfer it to another bank. When it comes to legal entities, they will only be able to transfer money to the bank accounts abroad, “said the Director of the Deposit Protection Fund Predrag Markovic.

In an interview with Nova M, he said that they had completed a full scan of the situation with the banks, which took over the responsibility of the payment.

“This is a very stressful situation, it is the first time in Montenegro. I think that the banks have shown seriousness and business acumen in the previous period and in the best way have approached the organization of payment points, “Markovic pointed out.

Let us remind you that Societe Generals Bank of Montenegro will pay deposits at branches in Moskovska Street, Delta City and Independence Square in Podgorica.

Hipotekarna Bank will make payments to IBM depositors through its branches in St. Peter Cetinjski boulevard and Josip Broz Tito branch.

NLB Bank will pay depositors in five branches. For legal entities in the branch office in Ivan Crnojevic Boulevard, and for citizens in the boulevards of St. Peter Cetinjski and Per Cetković, Drpe Mandić Street bb, Gintaš and in the City Quarter.


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