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Company incorporation

Company incorporation

Expert Guidance

In the past in order to benefit from market differences in different corners of the planet it involved hard work; often long traveling hours and a great amount of time spent in queues battling bureaucracy.

Today, opening a business abroad might actually be easier, involve less risk, and be more economically sound than starting up a business in your home country. With our dedication, professionalism and extensive knowledge of both legal and social aspects of such an operation, you will have all areas covered, completely transparent and hassle free.

We will make sure that everything is set up and running even before you arrive to Montenegro.

Our Incorporation package includes:

  • Drafting the Foundation Acts (Articles of Association, Decision/ Contract on incorporation etc);

  • Preparing and filing the documents for the Central registrar of companies and tax authorities;

  • Provision of a tax registration, VAT and customs number;

  • Public Notary Fees;

  • Legal fees;

  • Company stamp.

All this in just 7 days from the moment we receive notarized documents from your side!

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