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Guaranteed deposit withdrawal

Guaranteed deposit withdrawal

While Montenegro government guarantee up to 50.000€ deposit security, when it comes to non resident companies this issue can prove to be quite a challenge for number of companies due to bureaucratic barriers


Due to the issues that INVEST BANKA MONTENEGRO AD PODGORICA (IBM Banka) and ATLAS BANKA AD PODGORICA (Atlas Banka) encountered in recent months, Central bank of Montenegro instigated bankruptcy proceedings against both banks, which resulted in mandatory payout of deposits of maximum of 50.000€ for all deponents, guaranteed by law.
While for companies registered in Montenegro, along with physical persons this was straightforward procedure, it turned out that for non resident  companies with accounts in Atlas and IBM it  was not possible to withdraw deposits, due to administrative issues.
Our team identified this problem in early stage and managed to find a solution in coordination and cooperation with Deposit protection fund, Central bank of Montenegro as governing body and commercial banks, through which payments are executed.
What we are offering to you is first hand expertise in this issue, deep insight in this problem and finally turnkey solution for your problem.

We examine your ownership structure, provide you with adequate Power of attorney draft, which once executed allows us to withdraw your funds without problem or delay, and thus refund the same to you as the rightful owner.

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